Discover Kenia

Kitambo is a young project with extensive travel experience and a deep passion for Kenya, the place where we live and operate from.

Tired of seeing how tourists come and then leave without truly connecting with the country’s reality, we decided to make a change.

If you’re seeking a unique adventure that leaves you not only with beautiful photographs but also with memories to cherish for a lifetime, don’t wait for things to happen—go for them!

We look forward to hosting you!

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Our Trips




Explore the finest natural reserves and immerse yourself in the wild side of Kenya on a private trip tailored just for you and your loved ones. This is the perfect choice if:

• You’re traveling with family or friends

• You prefer not to share with other travelers

• You want to select your accommodations

• You would like to choose your traveling dates

We’ll arrange your exclusive adventure with a local guide who speaks your language.

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Group Experiences


Group Experiences

Looking for an alternative to the traditional safari? Treat yourself to a cultural immersion adventure through the lesser-known, local side of Kenya. You’ll love it if:

• You seek to live extra experiences alongside a safari

• You enjoy adventure and trying new things

• You want to travel with like-minded adventurers

• You’re not looking for luxuries beyond the essentials

Choose from a variety of routes and year-round departures in small groups, so you can EXPERIENCE Kenya on a trip you’ll always remember.

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Partnering Agencies


Partnering Agencies

If you have a travel project, you feel both our values are aligned and you are looking to include Kenya in your traveling proposals, let’s talk!

We are open to collaborating with projects that want to showcase Kenya in a responsible way, with the support of a professional team on the ground that will take care of every detail of the adventure, looking after your travelers as much as we do with ours.

We can help you design the itinerary you need with your unique touch.

Let’s partner!

Still not sure which trip to choose? Hit play!

Also, on our Instagram/TikTok, you’ll find daily updates about what’s happening at Kitambo: you’ll get to know our travelers, the places we visit…

Come and live moments like this:

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